About Us

About Us

Shine Station welcomes you.

GIFTS Are a wonderful way of expressing our love. When you think of gifting your loved ones, no matter whatever is the occasion or wherever they are in the world, AVI CUSTOMISATION is there to take care of your gifting need as its own and makes sure that your beloved friends or family members receive the best to make their day memorable at both your ends. We care for your feelings!!

What we Provide

Avi customisation is, providing one of the best-curated collections of Personalized Gifts for all occasions also Festive Gifts, and Personalized Jewelry. The idea of AVI Customisation took shape in 2018 when it was identified that it delivers gifts to more than 180 countries in the world.

Further, we take the utmost pride in being able to provide real-time shopping assistance round the clock. You can chat with, or speak to the avi customisation gift experts, either through our live chat or our phone, anytime. We make sure the gift experts are available for you anytime to help you out with thoughtful and inspiring gift ideas, which in turn, helps you in choosing the right gift for your loved ones. No matter what time zone you are in!!

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